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#ROWgirl – Mel Brazeau from Battleaxe Dimes

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ROWgirl – Mel Brazeau


Craig Morgan Kidde Fire Safety LaunchRebel Row: Introduce yourself and tell Rebel Row readers a bit about why you make the perfect Rebel…

MB: My name’s Melissa Brazeau, I usually go by Mel. I am 22 years old and I was born and raised as a country girl living out in the boonies up until I left for school. I have two pitbulls named Dallas and Lulu who both have very unique personalities, I enjoy hip hop music and I love everything about fitness and health. I have done 3 bodybuilding competitions in the bikini division and I do plan on doing more, I love the challenge and seeing the changes that can be made in such a short period of time.

RR: You’ve professed your love for hip-hop music. Tell us a bit about what turned you onto hip-hop and what your musical tastes are?

MB: I use to be a country girl and if I were to have to choose my favorite artist I would still have to say Brad Paisley, but… I turned to hip hop a couple years back when I started finding who I really was, I love the style, the edge, the energy and the stories songs always have behind them. No matter what I’m going through there seems to always be that perfect song I can relate to.

RR: You are a Battleaxe Dime, the movement started by Madchild from Swollen Members. Can you tell us a little bit about what the Dimes are about and why you got involved with the movement?

Battleaxe Dimes just like Battleaxe Warriors use hip hop in the most positive way by promoting what the energy of hip hop can bring. We are like a close family who always have each other’s backs. I think that what Madchild started here is genius because so many people relate hip hop and rap to such negative things and this is far from being true. I got involved with the movement because I felt I could bring something new to the table and I love being able to inspire people in the most positive way there is, and by joining I only hope to help promote this side of hip hop and fitness.

RR: The Battleaxe Dimes seem like a family of like minded people. Have you met other people in the movement because you share that common bond?

MB: There are a few people in my hometown who are Battleaxe Warriors and I do have Battleaxe Warriors and Dimes on my social media who I keep in touch with and I would eventually like to meet them one day as we all represent the same thing.

RR: What song is on your iPod right now and why..

MB: I have yet to buy a new IPod.. my last one broke and I havent replaced it yet. But on my phone besides Madchild for obvious reasons I have lots of Honey Cocaine, Snow Tha Product, Snak the Ripper, Merkules, Jaclyn Gee, etc.. I love listening to and supporting Canadian artists and most of these people are. I also find it so cool how these female artist are better than 70% of male artists hehe. I enjoy listening to all of them though, they are all talented individuals. I seen the Stomp Down Killaz live last fall and they are just as good (if not, better!) live as they are recorded.. they definitely are worth checking out.

RR: You have some great ink. Tell us about your first tattoo experience…

MB: Thank you! :) My first tattoo happened on New Years eve a couple years back, I was going through some stuff then and the quote I got was because of it. My tattoo artist JC is great though, he’s quick and very talented and light on the needle. If anyone gets the chance to go to Timmins, ON check out JC at Permanent and Proud, he’s awesome!

RR: Tell us a bit about the tattoos that you have and what they mean to you..

MB: My tattoos represent who I am and the image that I want to portrait, I am not done yet with ink, there’s still more to come.

As “tacky” as some people might think I got my last name on my lower abdomen, my family is my rock. I owe my success to them, they’ve always been there through everything eventhough I may not have always easy to deal with. They supported me with my journey and most things I’ve chose to do and for this I couldn’t thank them enough.

I got a heart on my finger that represents self love because I must remember there will always be haters or people who will disappoint or hurt me but at the end of the day as long as you’re happy with you and you love who you turned out to be, nobody else matters.

I have a rose on my shoulder that represents beauty and a quote on my collarbone that says “On the other side of fear lies freedom” .. meaning face your fears.. something I’ll never stop doing! That same year I got that tattoo I did my first fitness show so I stepped on stage in 5″ heels and the tiniest bikini I ever wore…. what a rush! haha


RR: What advice do you have for choosing tattoos?

MB: Get something you love. I’m not the type to really care if someone gets something without meaning.. if you want to portrait that image and you believe that’s who you are, then go for it! If you like it, get it! If it has meaning then that’s bonus but just make sure it represents what you believe you are. Also, make sure your tattoo artist is legit of course!


RR: Are you into cars at all? What do you currently drive?

MB: I’m not a whole lot into cars but I do appreciate a nice one when I see one. I drive a black Ford Focus with tinted windows.. nothing to fancy but it gets me from point A to point B and its great on gas!


RR: If you could buy any car what would you buy?

MB: Cars are nice but I’d buy a bike.. a big ole Harley! haha

RR: In addition to modeling you are into body building. Tell us how you got involved with that scene and what kind of preparation goes into getting ready for a body building show.

MB: preparation that goes into this is kind of crazy at times. You hit a lot of highs and lows but the feeling of accomplishment you get during and after is awesome. So basically I usually do a 3-4 month competition prep so I eat very clean during that period of time with maybe 1 cheat meal ever 1-2 weeks (but none during the last 4 weeks), I eat 6 meals a day with everything weighed and measured by the gram and then on top of that I do weight training and cardio and drink 5L water/day. I’d like to say it gets easy with each prep that I do but it actually doesn’t and I wouldn’t have it any other way because that would just be boring. I love challenging myself and bettering myself in such ways and being able to compare pictures from each show I can see the improvements and what I need to work on for the next show. I recently participated in the provincials show downtown Toronto where I qualified to go to when I competed in London, ON. I made the top 10 out of a big class of 23 girls but unfortunately I didn’t get in the top 5 to qualify for nationals so that is now my plan for next year, until then I continue to work my butt off to reach those goals.. even during my off season.


RR: Here is your chance to plug your website and let us know everything you’re currently working on….

MB: Instagram: miss_melxoxo

Facebook Fanpage:

Personal Facebook:

Twitter (I don’t use this often): MelissaBrazeau1

RR: What qualities do you think make someone a perfect Rebel?

MB: The perfect Rebel is someone who is strong minded with strong beliefs, somebody with class and a little bit of sass. I believe a perfect Rebel is willing to bend the rules for the right reasons even if it means taking in a bit of heat or a slap on the fingers. They will always do what they want and protect the ones they love. Rebels bend rules because they have enough faith in themselves and believe they are able to make the right decisions even if it is against the rules



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