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#RowGirl Redneck Barbie (@ms_redneckbarbi)

by / Wednesday, 03 December 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, ROW GIRL

#RowGirl Redneck Barbie


RowGirlPinup_RedneckbarbieRebel Row: Introduce yourself and tell Rebel Row readers a bit about why you make the perfect Rebel…


Redneck Barbie: What’s up yall ?! I am Redneck Barbi. I am a rough and tough girl. BUT I always keep it classy baby.


RR: In addition to modeling, you are also a hick-hop artist and worked with guys like Bottleneck. tell us how you got into the scene and became one of the first lady’s of hick-hop?


RB: Well I am actually trying to transition into other genres and just see what is out there. but I got into this by listening to the Lacs and I loved their lyrics. I always rapped random stuff like snoop dogg, Ludacris, tupac. but when the “country rap” came out, I Knew I had to get into this somehow. A friend took me to this studio in ATL December 2013 and i met the BEST producer n the game right now. Him and I hit it off and I wrote and recorded my first single Redneck Barbi , that same weekend. I absolutely fell in love with music and how it takes over my mind and soul.
RR: Where did you get the name Redneck Barbie and when did it stick?


RB: I actually was just sitting around one day a couple of years ago trying to think of a new nickname because Most people called my “LiL BiT”. Redneck Barbi came popped into my head and I was like, That’s IT !!! :)


RR: How did you hook up with Bottleneck on a track and what was it like working with him?


RB:Bottleneck and myself have been friends over facebook for a long time. He is actually one of the Nicest people I have met in the “hick hop” circle. He is so down to earth and unlike so many others, he KNOWS there are other artist like myself out here just trying to make it. He believed in me and my music and I reached out to him about being a feature and he agreed. He is a really Great guy and talented artist.


RR: As a emerging artist, have you gotten any advice from established artists or cool stories?


RB: “Its all smoke and mirrors baby ”


RR: Do give us the inside scoop, who is killing it in the hick-hop scene and what should people be paying more attention to?


RB: I don’t know about that but I do know REDNECK BARBI got a debut album “REDNECK BARBI : CHAPTER 1” will be dropping 12-13-14 !! EVERYBODY should b waiting on that because it IS HOT HOT HOT !!


RR: What song is on your iPod right now and why?redneckbarbie


RB: CHANEL WEST COAST !! I LOVE HER and her flows !!


RR: If you could only take one album with you to a desert Island what would it be?


RB: Miley Cyrus hahahahahaha DONT HATE BOOBOO !!!


RR: If you had to call bullshit on one trend happening right now what would it be?


RB: You do not want me to say what I think hahaha “FWM”


RR: Tell us about your tattoos and your first experience getting inked?


RB: My tattoos are a part of my life story. Every one of them have a meaning. My first experience was crazy. I mainly just got it because I Knew my daddy told me not to sooooo I went that night and got one.


RR: What’s next for you if you could get anything tattooed?


RB: I Would love a dreamcatcher. not sure where but i know i want super colorful


RR: What do you think about the rise of tattoo related reality shows that are popping up everywhere?


RB: LAME !! And i love reality shows but I absolutely can Not get into the “ink” shows.


RR: Are you into cars at all? What do you currently drive?


RB: I love cars. I have a Nissan Maxima, Chevrolet Impala, F150 King Ranch and my mud puppy the Geo Tracker


RR: If you could buy any car what would you buy?


RB: 2015 TRANSAM !! Have u saw the pics and specs? SUPER SUPER NICE !!!!


RR: Here is your chance to plug your website and let us know everything you’re currently working on….


RB: I got a lot going on. Just set a release date for the Album and music video premier, also just got a website, which is currently under construction and I am working on some new music and more videos and of course, my guys r working on my webpage and merchandise.


RR: What qualities do you think make someone a perfect Rebel?


RB: A REBEL IS A DOWN HOME TRUE COUNTY PERSON. who LIVES the lifestyle of a “Backwoodz Badass”