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Roy DEE Interview: Creating The Hick-Hop Anthem (@powtrdt)

by / Wednesday, 20 August 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS

Roy Dee

“Creating The Hick-Hop Anthem”
By Jesse James

star_03 Roy Dee’s Hick-Hop Truck Thump has been banging out of Rebel Row’s speaker box since he first heard his infectious new single “Boomin’ In My Truck (Whoop)”. Once we dug a little deeper we found that this Texas boy has a machine gun motor mouth that is spitting some venomous hip-hick rhymes.

Rebel Row caught up with Roy Dee to discuss his career, how Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” changed the game, and just how this crazy white boy got Paul Wall, Fred Durst, and Bubba Sparxx to record tracks for his debut album.

RR: Talk about the decision to shift from Po White Trash to Roy Dee. What it reflective of the shift in sound on the new material?

RD: I still go by Trash in a few circles. I still think its fly. That Chapter has closed with all business dealings associated with it. Roy Dee is my real name and I know no one can say that I do not own it. As for, Roy Dee and Redneck-O-nize Music; it just sounds good.

RR: You been going to the Houston Rodeo for the last few years. Talk about about that experience and how it shaped you? 

RD: I look forward to it every year. It’s an extended family full of bull riding to Mutt & Bustin, fried food, fried friends, and the famous BBQ cook off. The music is not only coming from the biggest stars on the big stage all week, but the country swag is seen in the jeans, trucks, boots, hats, and buckles. It’s the true definition of ballin’ out of control. I am Home, country, and flow hotter that fish grease.

RR: You’ve stated that Jason Aldean’s ” Dirt Road Anthem” had a major impact on you. What is it about that song that spoke to you? 

RD: I was in the stands and my friend was telling me about this song. I heard this groove, old country, new country, Georgia, and when he spit fire and brought it home and the crowd lost their minds. I as well got a frozen chill, and I thought it was the beer, but on the way home I couldn’t stop talking about it. Who, what where, when did I miss this. So, I l got my google on, and found out that Average Joe Records has paved the railroad tracks for hick-hop. Colt Ford and Shannon Houchins have done the impossible, by creating a Home for Country Boys that spit fire. Bubba, Demun, Colt Ford, are all the next biggest thing. I knew hick-hop was alive, so I immediately went to the lab. I was touching on it with all my music but no outlet. Thump/ Universal Music Group gave me my own home for Redneck-O-nize Music. Ya’ know, Charlie Daniel band “Devil Went Down to Georgia”, when I was that kid I was walking around the house talking faster every day, and by the end of the year I was a complete mess. Still to this day that was my first rap song/ hick-hop.

RR: Tell us about the inspiration for the track “Boomin In My Truck”?

RD: I sat down with a super producer Dietrich Pinnock, and told him about Hick-Hop. Stunned as I was, we went in the lab and he laid down this Beat in a matter of an hour.  He looked at me and said “Boom”!  I went in  the booth and let it go. The only thing I was listening to up until recording was everything Average Joe records had put out. Whether I land at Average Joe Records or somewhere else, and I had to let the truth be known they made all this happen. Colt Ford and Fat Shan, Wow!! My little buddy Cooper Jo, 5 years old, was walking around the house and being from an Aggie Family (A&M) said “Whoop Whoop” for the last 3 years. “Boomin in my Truck” was born. I sent the song immediately after it was finished to Shawn Brauch, Smartface Media (founder of Pen & Pixel, who created 10,000 covers for Cash Money and Master P). He called me and said I am in, hick-hop is the new thing, now let’s get your brand on. 4 hours on the phone and intense planning, Roy Dee’s “Boomin In My Truck” got its Visual legs.

RR: You have Paul Wall, Tow Down , Fred Durst, and Bubba Sparxx on this album “Riddin Throu”. How did these guest appearances come about and what was it like working with them?

RD: This is another good one. My Friend Tow Down (SUC), Famous for his hit single “Country Rap Tunes”, Hick Hop before it was coined, was just off tour on his latest record, sat down with me. Now this was in 2008 before The Rodeo Night. Benard, Tow’s brother set up the meeting. Benard said Tow was on some next level #$%#. He said it was time for Country and Rap to come together. He  pushed play!! I went in the Booth and laid down a quick 12 bars. I said what about a super group “The Untouchable Honks”? Tow said “Fred Durst could kill this track”! I said I would financially back it, shoot the video and put out the single.  Let’s Get Fred to Produce the video, he just got done producing the Close up the Honky Tonks for Dwight Yokum. it was on . I reached out to Fred, man he’s tough to get a hold of. He is a Movie Producer. He laid it down, on some new level %^$#&! I called up Jordan Schur Fred’s manger and finally after drama on my end, 2 months later we sent $30,000 for the video.  While all this was going on , I was watching Fox News live and Tow Down was a being arrested allegedly for 4 million dollars’ worth of Hydro, or good weed.  Well as you can see that project 1 year in the making didn’t fly. What a financial bath that was.  Tow Down is currently on a vacation since then but this song needed to be heard.  Everyone that has listened to it in the last several years said it was an anthem of the South, and I agree. Fred Durst is a visionary,  but it just bad timing on my end. I am still looking forward to his solo album. Maybe we can all do this live when Tow Down gets home next year. Tow Down is a pioneer. Paul did destroy that hook. I just got done listening to it on the way over here.

RR: If we took a look at your iPod right now what would we find you listening to at the moment?

RD: I got a few. Latest downloads Paul Wall, Riff Raff, Slim Thug, Yelawolf, Jason Aldean and Mixes from Deejay Silver.

RR: Tell us a little bit about how your Company Redneck-O-NIze Music landed at Thump Records/ Universal Music Group?

RD: I just got back from the Houston Rodeo and Saw Jason Aldean kill it (Dirt Road Anthem), Got my google on and it was Colt Ford/ Brantley Gilbert. OOOOHHHH MYYYYY Hick Hop, Colt Ford, Bubba Sparxx and Shannon Houchins ( CEO of Average Joe Ent) are killing it. I went in the LAB and banged out 8 tracks and sent them to Bill (William Walker, CEO of Thump Records). He said this is the Next Big Thing Is Going to be HICK HOP!!

RR: What has been your most memorable moment on stage and why?

RD: Oklahoma City with KKWD and Cisco KIDD. I was rapping under Moniker Po White Trash and the Trailer Park Symphony, and touring my single that was #3 on Billboard charts and rising. The crowd was off the chain.

RR: A lot of country rappers have been rejected by the mainstream country people in the industry who just don’t understand the country rap movement. What’s the craziest thing or the worst advice you’ve been given by someone in the industry?

RD: I haven’t heard anything negative. Any advice is good, that means they are processing something NEW!!!

RR: How do you respond to critics that think HICK HOP and country Rap is just a fad, and that the two should not mix?

RD: If Hip Hop was a FAD the I guess this will be another FAD. About it mixing……..Florida Georgia Line and Colt Ford are baking up some biscuits to Piss off the Pillsbury dough boy

RR: What do you think about all the attention the scene has received lately and where do you see it heading in 2015?

RD: Hick-Hop is going to keep growing. I see Roy Dee’s Hick Hop Music Awards And Radio stations having the Hick-Hop Hour. Rob Scorpio holler at me!

RR: What do you think of Big Smo and his new reality series?

RD: He’s good. I would sign him.

RR: How would you describe your sound for anyone that hasn’t heard of Roy Dee yet?

RD: Hmm!! That was a six pack. If you take an MC, combine it with everything you have wanted to hear in a Album and that Album was a Meat loaf, ingredients of Grammy award winning mixers, combined with producers, artists and engineers with over 100 million records under their belt, Gospel, country, hip-hop, pop and  stamp the red wax seal of approval Redeneck-o-nize /Thump/Universal ! Music Group gives you Hick Hop at its Purest Form.  I got Diamond Spurs. I am hick-hop!

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