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Super hot! #ROWgirl – Taylor Louie

by / Tuesday, 29 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, ROW GIRL

ROWgirl – Taylor Louie


RowGirlPinup_01-Rebel Row: Introduce yourself and tell Rebel Row readers a bit about why you make the perfect Rebel…

Taylor Louie: Hey everyone my name is Taylor! I am the perfect Rebel because I do what I want when I want no matter what the rules are. I love meeting new people, dancing and riding dirtbikes!

RR: You’ve professed your love for country rap and outlaw country music. Tell us a bit about what turned you onto this style and what your musical tastes are?

TL: I grew up listening to all kinds of different genres of music. I love anything with a great beat or good meaning behind a song. I first heard the Moonshine Bandits about two years ago. My boyfriend put “Whiskey River” on in the truck and I instantly fell in love!

RR: You are a member of the Moonshine Bandits Shiner Nation. Can you tell us a little bit about what the Shiner Nation is about and why you got involved with the movement?


TL : The Shiner Nation is a group of people who are huge fans of the Moonshine Bandits and share the same love for their music together. I got involved because I like to have friends who share the same interest as me and like I said I love making new friends!


RR: The Shiner Nation seem like a family of like minded people. Have you met other people in the movement because you share that common bond?

TL: I recently met a couple different Shiners at the Moonshine Bandits concert I danced at. They are a rockin’ family and all know how to have fun without the drama!!

RR: What song is on your iPod right now and why?

TL: Dive Bar Beauty Queen!! Why? Well because I’m a Dive Bar Beauty Queen of course!

RR: You have some great ink. Tell us about your first tattoo experience…

TL: My first tattoo experience was my left hip piece. I did it all in one sitting. Oh my was that an experience! I was expecting the worst but after we got started I was fine….until we got to color. Oh man! Doing the whole tattoo in one sitting has it’s pros and cons. Pro is you get is done and won’t procrastinate on going back to finish. Con was it hurt like a bitch towards the end!

RR: Tell us a bit about the tattoos that you have and what they mean to you..

TL: All my tattoos have a meaning behind them. My purple koi fish stands for me because I am a Pisces, love the water and my favorite color is purple. The three butterflies stand for my three little sisters who mean the world to me. Strength and love on my wrists are to remind me that when things get rough and tough always remember to stand strong and love unconditionally! And the rest I’ll leave a mystery for all to wonder.


IMG_5847-819x1024bRR: What advice do you have for choosing tattoos?

TL: My advice is TATTOOS ARE FOREVER! Love what you get with no regrets!

RR: Are you into cars at all? What do you currently drive?

TL: Cars are cool but bikes are so much better!

RR: If you could buy any car what would you buy?

TL: I would buy a aped out Harley Davidson Dyna, Honda CRF250 and a 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with a 10″ lift and 40″ super swamps

RR: What are some of your other passions in life or hobbies and why?

TL: I love to dance, ride bikes and do anything outdoors. Why? Because I love the adrenaline rush and love being wild and free!

RR: Here is your chance to plug your website and let us know everything you’re currently working on….

TL: Instagram – R8RDVA90

Facebook – Taylor K Modeling

RR: What qualities do you think make someone a perfect Rebel?

TL: I don’t believe anyone is perfect but to make a great Rebel I would say that you would need to be someone who stands for what you think is right no matter what the rules/laws are. If you believe in something you should stand by it no matter what!