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@Swollenmembers “Brand New Day” [Album Review]

by / Wednesday, 09 July 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


Swollen Members

“Brand New Day”

Battleaxe Records
Review By: Amber Bruno

01_featuredstar_03 Canadian rap group Swollen Members released their 11th studio album “Brand New Day” under BattleAxe Records.  Emcees Madchild and Prevail take fans on a dope yet dark hip-hop trip with raw rhymes.  On this 15-track record, producer Rob the Viking and co-producer C-Lance, create beats that have hard-hitting twists.  DJ Makeway and DJ Revolution are featured on this project.  Both production and lyrical content are unique with meaningful messages about controversial topics.  This award-winning, top album-charting band proves yet again that there are no limits to what they can master musically.  In their two-decade musical movement, uniqueness is nothing new.

The track themes consist of love and hate, good and evil, life and death.  In the first few songs, the lyricism expresses that they will not fail even with inescapable downfalls in a chaotic world.  The lead single, ‘Brand New Day’ with its clap beat, takes a less hostile approach making it a great motivational title track.  The rappers spit about how despite “beautiful struggles” the group has stuck together.

Mid-way through the album, there is a mixture of funky Halloween and outer space sounding beats paired with outspoken verses covering things such as war and futuristic realities.  The last tracks deliver the message over solid beats that they are too powerful to stop making music for misfits. Madchild gives credit to hip-hop for saving his life twice and the flows show that these “rappers of the century” are superior and are still killing it!

“Brand New Day” speaks to the dark side of life, but it also represents a positive outlook on how there are second chances. The Battleaxe Warriors and Dimes, which is a worldwide movement consisting of thousands of members who enjoy this underground music, are sure to support Swollen’s fierce comeback and continue to help their mission to rebuild the future.