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BIG SMO – Ep. 01 ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ [review]

by / Wednesday, 11 June 2014 / Published in EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS

Tonight on A&E, Big Smo smashes the glass ceiling for Hick Hop.

Big Smo on A&E

Ep. 01 ‘Go Big Or Go Home’

Cooter McTucky

01_reviewstar_03It’s no secret Hick Hop has it’s critics.  Both the Country genre and the Hip Hop genre are steeped with tradition.   Neither are intrinsically drawn to the other.  This has made the blend of the two genres a long long haul for artists like Big Smo, Colt Ford, Moonshine Bandits and the LACS.  Today marks a milestone.  The entire United States, now knows what the Hick Hop sound is.  ..and it has polish, a face, and a cast of charming characters that will share what you and I have already known for years.

Smo has been in the game for 14 years.  He and his kinfoke have been hustling the Hick Hop sound, before there was a hick hop sound.

In a twist, A&E has been marketing Smo as rich, kuntry gangster with lens flairs and bling effects.  The truth is, Smo comes off as charming, warm hearted, down to earth, and hustling to get over real people problems; all while balancing, kids, a long term girlfriend, band mates, and momma.   The first episode ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ centers around heading back on the road for Smo and his crew, while managing relationships and the impending release (at the time) of his hit album ‘Kuntry Livin’.  The shots are laced with band antics, moonshine drinking, off the cuff riffs, and a soundtrack that Hick Hop listeners will love.  Smo’s home life and surrounding friends and family will ring true for a lot of Hick Hop fans.  It’s on a real dirt road in the middle of America.

bigsmoaandeHowever, most interesting is that this is not just a show about Hick Hop, it’s a show about Family.  At a time when many reality show stars come off  self centered, this one has refreshing moments with the true stars of the show, a pair of great kids who clearly love their Dad.  Lanica and Ameria (Smo’s daughters) turn out to be testament to Smo’s ability to raise a family while managing life on the road.  *Spoiler* ahead, and the peak of the show is Smo proposing to his long term girlfriend and now fiancee Whitney.  The tears are real, and the happiness is earnest.  We now find ourselves rooting for ‘team Smo’, and we are looking to see how things unfold as it is clearly hinted at that the road is tough, and things are about to get tougher.

We are looking forward to the next episode!  It looks to be a solid blend of men roughhousing with trucks, and the practical balance of being on the road and heading into marriage at the same time.

Editors note: We too wish Smo’s father could have been there to see it.  We imagine no father could be as proud as he would be right now.


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