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@TheRealBigSmo – Season 1 Episode 6 ‘Smitney’ Review @AETV #HickHop

by / Friday, 18 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

Big Smo – Season 1/Episode 06


Review by Brian “Savage Shiner” Sharp


We start off with Smo and Whitney talking about the wedding, Whitney is hitting Smo with

big-smo-tv-showwedding questions left and right. … Realizing it ain’t going to be easy the decide to bring in a wedding planner. Out with the guys Smo is questioned by Alex and Hayden as to who will be the best man..

A visit to the wedding planner, Whitney describes her dream, fairy tale wedding with all the girly stuff you can think of.. Smo’s vision is a little bit more Rednecktified, with big trucks, mud and champagne glasses with moonshine.  Basically the only thing they agree on is that they want to get married. 

Back home we have Alex and Hayden schmoozing Smo by doing chores to try to get the nod to be the best man.. their little feud starts to get a little crazy when they both write a song for the engagement party and it ends up with them collaborating on a  song called “Smitney” and singing it as a Duo at the engagement party. .. after all that Smo Chooses his best friend Bubba to be his best man...