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Big Smo Talks To Billboard Magazine About #KuntryLivin

by / Wednesday, 04 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS



We are week out from the debut of Big Smo’s new reality show on A&E, and with his new album out now Big Smo is blowing up. Kinfoke can read all about Big Smo in a new article posted at Billboard Magazine online at
“We were raised on Waylon and Willie, Johnny Cash and Jerry Reed, and we were raised on the Beastie Boys and Dirty South,” he says, “so it’s not a surprise that’s who we’ve become. And that’s the place a whole lot of fans are, loving not just country but hip-hop as well. They’re country people who love to party and have a good time, and love that hip-hop beat and that country story telling. It’s connecting to a lot of people.”

Check back next week for Rebel Row’s exclusive interview with the one and only Big Smo.