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Top 5 Best REHAB Songs feat. Danny Boone / Demun Jones

by / Thursday, 24 July 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS, REVIEW

Presently Danny Boone frontman and Demun Jones MC of the band Rehab are savagely pursuing their solo careers. If you listened closely you could hear hearts breaking everywhere as news of the bands split was announced in late 2013. We here at Rebel Row undoubtedly support their solo projects and to show our gratitude towards them for the music and memories we have compiled our Top 5 Rehab songs. Our favorites and surely some of yours! If you’ve never treated yourself to or paid much attention to Rehab music go ahead and give it a taste! The talent, diversity and creativity are delicious and unparalleled!

#5 “King of Tweakers”- Album: “Gullibles Travels”:

A lyrically detailed fast pace comedic song! This song is definitely a party starter and will get you amped up to keep going into wee hours of the morning.

#4 – “It Don’t Matter” – Album: “Southern Discomfort”:
This is a slower ballad like song off of their first album. This is a somber song about life’s struggles and easy to relate to for many listeners.

#3 – “Graffiti the World” – Album: “Graffiti the World”:

Listen closely to words and hear the story. This track offers fast rhyme and a melodic chorus showcasing that appreciated smoky voice of Danny Boone. This is classic Rehab when they are at their best;  a sick beat and Danny spitting some worldly wisdom.

2 – “1980” – Album: “Graffiti the World”:
Without a doubt one of their best. It’s fun, it is upbeat with a chorus that gets stuck in your head after one listen.

#1 – “Sittin’ at the Bar (Bartender Song)” – Album: “Southern Discomfort”:

This song was originally released on “Southern Discomfort” and then later remixed and released on the album “Graffiti the World”. The most popular and recognized release, and for good reason.  These lyrics tell an story of hilarious defeat, and anyone that has ever done anything stupid because of a toxic relationship will identify with Danny’s plight.

It was difficult to narrow it down to just only 5. Rehab has several albums filled with a true variety of music that can be appreciated by anyone with good taste!