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Top 5 Moonshine Bandits Songs (@MoonshineBandit)

by / Friday, 26 September 2014 / Published in FEATURE, REBEL NEWS


The Moonshine Bandits are about to head back out on the road on the Rebels On The Run Tour with Big B and Demun Jones, so Rebel Row put together our list the Top 5 Moonshine Bandits songs.

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#5 – “Moonshine On Me” feat. Danny Boone from Rehab
There is no arguing that when the Moonshine Bandits and Danny Boone step into the booth together magic happens and nowhere is that more apparent than on “Moonshine On Me”. This track is mesmorizing and you can be play it on repeat over and over again without ever get sick of it.

#4 – “Get Loose”
This is the track that made everyone fall in love with these hell raising Shiners and it still stands up as one of their best songs of all-time. The beat has that Cali hip-hop thunder and swagger that just rubs off on listeners to make it so infectious.

#3 – “For The Outlawz” feat. Colt Ford and Big B
This is the song where the Moonshine Bandits really found their groove and everything was firing on all cylinders. Everyone spits fire on this track including Big B and Colt Ford drops one of the best verses he’s ever spit on a record.

#2 – “We All Country” feat. Colt Ford, Sarah Ross, and Demun Jones
This track really shows how far Tex and Bird have evolved as songwriters and they can flex their lyrical skills with the best of them. This beat simply hosts you hostage from the minute it kicks outta the speakers and Demun Jones spits a giant hook that clips you in the ear and doesn’t let go.

#1 – “Dive Bar Beauty Queen” feat. Danny Boone from Rehab
The anthuem for all Shiner women is quote possibly the group’s best track, with a southern groove that pentrates your heart through your ear drums. Danny Boone lays down a sweet southern hook that Bird and Tex use to land the knockout punch.

What do you think is the Moonshine Bandits best song?