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Top 10 Acts To See At The 2014 Gathering of Juggalos

by / Friday, 27 June 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS


Insane Clown Posse’s fans convene once a year for their annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival. However you might feel about Juggalos, nobody can deny that this is one of the most badass music festivals each and every year. ICP and their crew are true music fans, and year after year they put together an unbelievable line-up of rock, hip-hop and metal acts to make it one of the best 3-day music festivals you can spend your hard earned dollars on. Here is a quick list of the top acts you have to see at this year’s 2014 annual Gathering of the Juggalos!

#1 – La Coka Nostra
Slaine, ILL BILL and Danny Boy are one of hip-hop’s sickest supergroups, and their two albums have been two classic hip-hop discs released in the past decade. La Coka Nostra’s live show is energetic and honed to perfection by the years these rap veterans have spent on the road playing shows. If you only see one act at the Gathering this year, make sure it’s La Coka Nostra.

#2 – Tech N9ne
Tech N9ne puts on the best live show in hip-hop today. The man is a true performer in every sense of the word and his previous performances at the Gathering have been legendary. With his new single “Fragile” blowing up and TV performances on Jimmy Kimmel, Tech N9ne is everywhere at the moment and rightfully so.

#3 – Twiztid
Since leaving Psychopathic Records, Twiztid has been on a mission to prove their lyrical skills take the spotlight. Twiztid have always been underrated and they have one of the best live shows in hip-hop right next to Tech N9ne. Twiztid is gonna blaze out the whole spot.

#4 – Cypress Hill
After a twitter beef ensued with Twiztid a few years ago, we didn’t think it we would ever see Cypress Hill at the Gathering. ICP launched a campaign earlier this year and it paid off as the world’s greatest weed group will grace the stage to perform classic tracks like “Insane in the Brain”, “Rap Superstar”, “Dr. Greenthumb”, and “We Ain t Goin Out Like That”. One thing is for sure, when Cypress Hill takes the stage the whole place is gonna get hot-boxed.

#5 – Hopsin
With his aggressive and violent lyrical style Hopsin has taken the hip-hop scene by storm. His live shows feature people getting crazy with mosh-pits and stage diving, which makes Hopesin a must see. Watch him put other emcees to shame when he takes the stage.

#6 – Johnny Richter
Ever since he left the Kottonmouth Kings, Johnny Richter has been on a tear with the release of his new “FreeKING Out” EP, where he blasted his former outfit. Since the EP’s release, Richter has been on the grind touring relentlessly crafting a deadly live set with a live drummer, dropping an explosive new video for the title track, and documenting life on the road with his tour diary. It will be interesting to see if he plays any of his Kottonmouth Kings verses at the Gathering.

#7- Wolfpac
Strippers, fire breathers, half-naked women, and a completely unpredictable live show make Wolfpac a must see at the Gathering. Every year these guys put on one of the best sets of the weekend, and this year will be no different.

#8 – Insane Clown Posse

How could you go to the Gathering and not want to see ICP? Their live show is legendary and for good reason as they pour every ounce of themselves into each show. Guaranteed to be a fun time when these guys hit the stage.

#9 – Yelawolf

After catching this guy’s insane live show at the Warped Tour a few year’s back we’ve been hooked grimy style of southern raps. He’s got a machine gun mouth and he’s not afraid to unleash it every time he hits the stage.

#10 – Kottonmouth Kings
With all the drama that has went down in the Kottonmouth camp over the past few years, the Kings have been somewhat quiet until the release of their free digital release “The Buddha Shack” EP this year. The Kottonmouth Kings are going to be ready with their A-Game at this year’s Gathering. On top of that, it will be interesting to see how these guys can pull off their classic material without Johnny Richter, who exited the group last year. Definitely an act that you have to watch out for.