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#UFC Numbers Down Without St-Pierre and Silva!

by / Thursday, 15 May 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS

According to Bleacher Report, the UFC is developing a startling trend in the absence of some of its most popular fighters.

If the estimates that have come to light are to be believed, Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva bouts in 2013 accounted for -MORE THAN HALF- of the UFC Pay-Per-View sales.

At UFC 158, St-Pierre went toe-to-toe with Nick Diaz that pulled in a record 950,000 Pay-Per-View orders, which was the most for any GSP headlining event! In turn, UFC 168 featuring Silva vs Weidman resulted in over 1 million Pay-Per-View orders and was the second highest selling UFC PPV of -ALL TIME.-

Without them, what will happen to the PPV sales? Barely half-way through 2014 there have already been four events in the UFC, and combined only accumulated 1.23 million orders. That ends up being roughly 307,500 orders per event.

However, with upcoming UFC events that will include fan-favorite Ronda Rousey, will we see an ushering in of a new “favorites era?” Who do you think will be the next big viewership draw?

—DJ Silkee