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@UFC The Ultimate Fighter Finale Review: Frankie Edgar (@FrankieEdgar) Beats BJ Penn (@bjpenndotcom)

by / Friday, 11 July 2014 / Published in REBEL NEWS, REVIEW


The Ultimate Fighter Finale 

Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn 

Review By: Ryan Healy from DeahThrob (@Deaththrob)

edgar-vs-pennstar_03 Ultimate Fighter Finale took place last Sunday in Vegas, with a stacked main event Franky Edgar vs BJ Penn. Edgar previously beat Penn twice at Lightweight, and I was surprised to see Penn drop down to featherweight for a 3rd fight against Edgar.

Edgar came into there first fight as an underdog but going into this 3rd fight the tables have turned. A look of nerves were on the face of Penn as he walked out to the Octagon, while Edgar sprinted out to the cage while his team tried to keep up with him.

In the first round, Penn came out in a very upward stance almost asking for Frankie to shoot for a takedown. Frankie’s first takedown attempt was successful and followed up with load of ground and pound, while Penn played a very defensive guard off his back not really looking for any submissions.

The second round starts off with quick offensive from Edgar landing one right hand after another leading up to another takedown and Penn fighting off his back. Edgar continued to apply pressure and not letting Penn rest. Penn continue to play a the defensive guard keeping his feet on frankies hips while still taking a lot of damage. Towards on the end of round 2, Frankie began to land a lot of shots and opening up a cut under Penn’s left eye.  

Round 3 begins with Penn in his upward stance not putting much behind his punches, while Edgar continue to use a lot of head movement and  lateral movement. Never one shot from frankie always combinations. Frankie trips Penn and again Penn finds himself on his back. Frankes begins to figure out BJs guard and opens the cut under eye even more. Edgar advances his positions on the ground, throwing a massive amount of elbows and punches Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight.  With a minute left of round 3, Edgar finishes Penn with ground and pound.

From start to finish Edgar was in control. It was sad for me to see this fight take place. I have was lucky enough to do a feature at Ricardo Almeidas gym the past couple of weeks where I saw Franky get ready for the fight. Frankie’s at the door of a featherweight World Title. Can you say BJ is really there, with this being BJ’s first cut to 145 weight class. It was tough to watch a legend like Penn take a beating, but sometimes that’s what it takes to know that the show is over and its time to hang the gloves up.