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Unpatriotic? #Avicii evokes uniquely #American imagery for ‘Hey Brother’

by / Friday, 05 September 2014 / Published in ARTISTS, EDITOR PICKS, REBEL NEWS, VIDEO

Unpatriotic? #Avicii evokes uniquely #American imagery for ‘Hey Brother’ while Lil’ Wayne dances on it like an asshole.


-Avicii hit a strong chord with music listeners with his semi recent track ‘Hey Brother’ that was a hybrid between EDM (electronic dance music) and country sounding riffs. The track is strong and poignant with an uptempo beat echoes of guitars and a message about the distance of love for brotherhood and family. The homage to country was a welcome addition to the EDM scene and seemed oddly familiar to those of us who love Hick Hop.


American Flag in ‘Hey Brother’

The issue is not clear.  Avicii is a Swedish national born in Stockholm in 1989 and the video ‘Hey Brother’ has all the hallmarks of American Patriotism mixed with the somber message of the price of war. It is unclear if the message is the price of ‘American war’ or ‘war’ in general. The fact Avicii liberally uses the flag, marines, and trailer park, seems oddly un-Swedish.  The video is considered pandering to some of the American listener.

“How fucked up is it that a man of SWEDISH NATIONALITY would produce a song about AMERICAN WAR. Dafuq shit is that There’s even a kid holding an american flag at a us army funeral. Though im not too much affended by this. Im not saying “hey your Swedish your can’t do that” Thats not what im saying.” -BIONICBOI123 (YouTube)


Lil’ Wayne being an asshole.

It is not lost on us that Swedish born Avicii shows the American Flag with more reverence, than American born Lil’ Wayne who danced on it like a grad-A asshole.
It does seem more important that the flag is displayed with reverence than who displays it.  All over the world the flag is flown by non nationals fighting along side or supporting American’s abroad with great effect.

Our final opinion must be tempered by the intent of Avicii.  Is the use of the flag in respectful taste, does the message and application of the message serve to enhance to defame the patriotic images used?  We were very curious, does Avicii care about America beyond it being a ‘point of sales’ for units and we found that Avicii is an active contributor to ‘Feeding America’ by the tune of 1 million dollars.

“You have to give something back. I am so fortunate to be in the position where I can actually do that. I feel lucky every day when I wake up and am able to do what I love and make a living.” In addition to donating $1 million to Feeding America, a charity founded by Lauren Bush.” -Wiki

The discussion is not as simple as ‘should only Americans wield the flag?’, it needs to include what is the intent of how the flag is wielded. I don’t think it occurred to Avicii it might come off as irreverent, and it is clear he cares about the country, but the moments depicted are uniquely American, especially when you count the cost to families that have been in the exact solemn and sacred situations depicted in the video.

In the end, we do know, not everyone can use these themes intelligently.   Expect some question regarding reverence when you do.


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