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Where Was #BubbaSparxxx ? In His Own Words…

by / Tuesday, 13 May 2014 / Published in ARTISTS

Many people have wondered what happened to Bubba Sparxxx while he was away from the limelight. The Daily Brian recently reported an article which appears to be written by the rapper himself.

“[From 2008 to 2010] I lived out on a farm [in Georgia], I just buried myself in that. I had a bunch of cows, ponds fully stocked with fish. I just lived that life. I would still go do shows, but I really was just taking it easy. I was doing a lot of research within myself and went through a lot of therapy. Just a lot of things to take care of myself and nurture myself.

I was growing up and easing into my thirties. I was kinda, like, at a point where I didn’t know what I had to say. What would be my message? What is it that I really, really have on my heart that I needed to convey?

One thing I discovered was exercise (chuckles). That became my major new addiction. I ran quite a bit and lifted weights often.

It wasn’t until 2011 or 2012 that I really started recording again. I had made some real progress in terms of lots of therapy, and really, really felt good with where I was as a person. At that point, once I ironed out all those issues internally, then I craved music again. I’m back at it now.

I’m enjoying the ride right now, and people tell me all the time I look younger and fresher than I did when I entered the game at 24. It’s not that I’ll ever aspire to achieve pop-culture celebrity status, if you will — and that’s not necessarily my goal — but I do want to reach a point where people acknowledge me. I do feel like my story was incomplete. I feel like I was capable, and I am capable, of achieving so much more. It would have been ideal if I hadn’t taken a seven- to eight-year hiatus in between, but I did. And if hadn’t taken a break, I wouldn’t be here today. I’d be dead. I wouldn’t change a piece of the journey because the journey is what made me who I am today.”

—DJ Silkee